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365 Days

365 Days

Turner Contemporary announces 2016 exhibition programme to celebrate it’s fifth anniversary year
Spring 2016

Leise Wilson: 365 Days
4 February – 10 April 2016
Leise Wilson’s watercolours demonstrate her fascination with the outdoors, open spaces and blue skies. Many of her works are inspired by her family visits to the Kent coast and the unique light and colours of this landscape. In 365 Days, Leise Wilson recorded the view of the sky through the same window pane every day for a whole year, capturing the natural rhythms of light across the seasons. Wilson’s watercolours are often large but these small images, delicately painted onto squares of tissue paper, flutter in invisible air currents created by the viewer suggesting the movement of clouds in the sky. This work will be shown in Turner Contemporary’s Clore Learning Studio.

Photo: Sarah Smith.



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