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BrickingIt commission

BrickingIt commission

Following on from the ‘Bricking It’ exhibition and auction which took place in March to raise funds for the Creative Hub at Resort, Kate Harrison successfully secured a commission request from Tess Acheson at Bearded Kitten. Four bricks were required in total, to form one piece for the head office of The Collective, a young and vibrant property development company based in Bedford Square, London.

The brief was open, providing a great opportunity for Kate to continue her exploration of all things miniature and to use her imagination for the works inspired by everyday life. Scenes were created, from a busy city environment with road works, a policemen watching skateboarders, businessmen and women and a busker; to a fun lido complete with resin pool, diving board and ice cream seller and a more calming beach to end. Bedford Square was also captured, including replica plane and pine trees, railing, lamp posts and a double postbox all present in reality.

Kate developed a connection with the characters portrayed, each forming a relationship with another character or with something else happening within the scene.

‘It was a challenging and fun piece to create and has given me food for thought for my future shows, added a 3D element to what I do. I never thought tweezers, PVA and my glasses would get so much use in such a small space of time or that my love for small things would become work I create’.

Find out more here or email Kate

BrickingIt commissionBrickingIt commission

BrickingIt commissionBrickingIt commissionBrickingIt commissionBrickingIt commissionBrickingIt commissionBrickingIt commission


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