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Megan Metcalf, Illustrator

Megan Metcalf is an illustrator based in Margate. She studied Textile Design at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design. For over 12 years she was a Creative Research professional and Colour Material Designer for companies such as NOKA and Samsung Design Europe. Megan runs a live illustration business at

I am an illustrator, I consider myself intuitive and expressive, my subject matters and inspirations come from where I am, what I’m doing, alongside my vivid and wild imagination, taking me to some fun places. I don’t limit myself to any medium in particular, I love to use all sorts of processes and materials, ideally from natural and sustainable resources.

I love to do live illustrations to celebrate big life events such as weddings. I also love to make the seemingly mundane feel magical; a true skill during times of lockdown. Through my practice I aim to provide respite and joy in a world that at times can be overwhelming.

I attended two SECCADS workshop sessions back in the new year. This was to help me with my live illustration business and my commercial work and self-development. It was AMAZINGLY powerful and set me on the right road to help me and my art practice and business flourish. We had fabulous speakers and I felt valuable and valued. I am now receiving mentoring which is helping me to step that bit further to having a fully profitable business and to not only set my sights high but workout how to get there too!


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