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How does this country work?

How does this country work?

22nd & 23rd July

A weekend of workshops for people who would like to understand UK politics and find out how they can get involved.

On Saturday, artist Rosalie Schweiker and journalist Hettie O’Brien will give a practical introduction to UK politics. We’ll try to answer the most pressing questions you might have, from “Why should I vote?” to “Why did I never learn anything about this in school?” Continue Reading

Open Call: Soft Borders

Open Call: Soft Borders

Resort invites you to respond to Sophie Mallett’s residency project and research, Soft Borders.

Soft Borders is a series of events that form a response to Resort’s role in the ongoing regeneration of Cliftonville. It aims to encourage different individuals and groups to use Resort’s space in different ways, and to trial new ways of working together. The broad intention behind these trials is to resist the aesthetic and cultural homogeneity that accompanies gentrification. Continue Reading


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